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Backpacking foodBackpacking food is critical, according to the National Park Service, in their Tips for Hiking on the Grand Canyon website. Their advice is to eat before hiking, during hiking, and after hiking, and eat before you are hungry. Every time you stop for water have a snack. The importance of food, when backpacking, is also stressed by the National Parks Service, in their tip “the heaviest weight in your pack should be food and water.”

Backpacking food ideas are well established by our other branches of the US government, including the military and emergency disaster relief departments and organizations. Recently, MRE STAR has upped the ante by designing new ready to eat meals with enhanced flavor and adding cultural dishes to the mix. Now, not only are the meals superior in nutrition, along with having lightweight, compact, strong, water and light resistant packs, but now their combinations of enhanced flavors, and cultural menus, have turned them into the standard fair for beach foods, river rafting supplies, food to take hiking, backyard camping parties, beach camping, climbing food, boat food, food for trekking, and road trips.

Hiking food usually consists of one ready to eat meal pack stashed in a belt pack or a hip pack for short trails. When taking trails that are longer, a second ready to eat meal pack is appropriate. Many hikers will bring a third MRE meal in case the hike becomes longer than expected especially when the terrain is difficult to travel. Taking the wrong trail and getting lost, are two common reasons for spending extra time hiking. The extra food, while weighing only ounces, can make you feel satiated, give you energy, and keep your spirits up in times of distress.

Backpacking food can be ordered with the MRESTAR healthy quick food, online food store allowing you to create a meal plan that fits your eating habits. Quick meals help those on the go, save time so you can have the time to do all that you have planned. MRE food is made to be the ultimate park food, since sanitation can sometimes be questionable, clean eating becomes a priority, and our strong sealed food packs meet that demand. “Health on the go” is what your outdoor activities and our fast healthy food menu provide. Fresh air, exercise, easy food, and exploring make for a healthy mind and body. Order now and pick from a large selection of complete MRE meals, entrees, side dishes, snacks, beverages, accessories, and meal heaters.

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