Backpacking food, day hikes and adventure vacations

Backpacking foodBackpacking food, day hikes and adventure vacations have a wide range of best food scenarios. Backpacking on mountain trails may lead you to a beautiful chalet, where you can sit down and enjoy exquisite cuisine and a bottle of wine. The trail may also bring you to a quiet peaceful overlook that calls for delicious recipes, like the ones you have in your backpack, such as the pasta with Marinara sauce and veggie crumbles, Beef stew, BBQ Sauce with Chicken, or Vegetarian Chili. You never know out in the wilderness, just what awaits you and having the best meal available makes your adventure more enjoyable, and gives you peace of mind, knowing that possible extended stays outdoors will be relieved with nutrition that may be vital to your situation.

Backpacking food, and day hikes usually mean packing one or two ready to eat meals unless you are on an extended advanced trail, which calls for filling your backpack with enough calories to sustain high energy output and possible longer than expected hiking time. Make sure you have water, water filters and water pills to stay hydrated; our MRESTAR  online food store has the option to get an assortment of drink mixes to add to your water. They come in Orange drink mix, fruit punch, strawberry, grape, lemonade, and pink lemonade drink mix. As everyone knows, a little flavor can help your filtered water go down.

Backpacking food with adventure vacations such as treks, Eco tours, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoe trips, mountain biking, family trips, ATV tours, hunting, fishing, bird watching, or rock climbing means that your personal ready to eat meal packs will give you a little more independence, and energy for your outdoor adventures. Healthy meals including vegetarian food are what MRESTAR has been honing for over the last thirty years. Since these meals ready to eat were originally made for trips to space, and military bivouacs, and were then used for emergency rations, for natural disasters, their nutritional content was critical in designing the recipes.  Now flavor and satiation of the palette has also been designed for maximum satisfaction which is why MRESTAR has been the supplier for outdoor sporting goods stores and the individual outdoor adventure enthusiasts for decades.

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