Camping foodCamping food and hiking food should be in safe, soft, water proof containers, be light weight, and easy to place in belt packs, hip packs, backpacks and even your pocket when you are on the go. The outer layer of our ready to eat meal package is made of polyester, making it a tough package to break. The middle layer is made of aluminum, which stops moisture from getting in, stops light from getting to the food and destroying it, and keeps oxygen from touching the food. This oxygen free meal pack is what allows the foods shelf life to extend for years. The inner layer made of polypropylene keeps the taste of the aluminum out of the food.

Camping food from MRE Star also has the potential to be used months and years later so the need for future camping food supplies will be met. Any remaining ready to eat meals or snack packs can be used at the beach, cycling, or on road trips. MRE meals are sold at many retail stores so you can either order here online and have it sent directly to you, or call up a local retail store and see if they have them in stock so that you may pick them up immediately.

Camping equipment supplies  become very inexpensive when you no longer need to buy camping kitchen supplies, food to take camping, and all of the cleaning pads, dish soap, towels, etc. that are necessary to create meal after meal for your entire camping vacation. Ready to eat food by MRESTAR is like having gourmet catering right in your campsite

Beach food can be ruined by the sand, water, salt and heat, but using MRESTAR which is easy to open, and fully protected allows ready to eat meals the perfect alternative for beach camping food or beach party food.  The enhanced flavor of our meals ready to eat and the sand proof package now makes beach food, rich in nutrition and flavor, water resistant, heat resistant, and portable.

Camping food in the mountains, in the desert, on the beach or just in the backyard are safe, convenient, delicious, and inexpensive when you use MRE Star meals ready to eat. Our meals ready to eat are manufactured in the United States and MRE Star is located in South Florida. We supply organizations with emergency relief food in countries throughout the world. We are the proud certified supplier for the DOD/DLA Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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