Hiking Food for Exotic Destinations

Hiking foodHiking food for exotic destinations means many things to many people. Jungle food preparation may come to mind, for those who have been trained in survival skills, and plant identification. Still others may think of foraging in the desert on cactus or palm or eat whatever plants or animals that are native to each particular desert. Others think of forest trails and babbling brooks where a fish or a frog would be a nice hiking food alternative. For those that just want to relax and enjoy seeing new sights, cultures, landscapes, plants and animals, our assortment of delicious ready to eat healthy meals are what the doctor ordered.

Hiking food for exotic destinations may be as easy as eating fruit from the trail, eating bugs or eating vegetables that can be scavenged from the environment. Some outdoors enthusiasts enjoy living off the land for the weekend, or as a vacation endeavor because they learn survival techniques, learn about other cultures, and other time periods. A lot of learning is involved to do it properly; actually, a lot of local area information is also needed, because there are many environments with different sets of survival skills. On a practical note, although our military is trained to live out in the fields using survival skills, they often defer to army rations, also called military mre. These are the same ready to eat meals civilians call camping food, hiking food, and backpacking food. These military meals have been the backbone of on the go activities for a long time. As time goes on MRESTAR implements new improvements to the packaging, shelf life, flavor, nutrition, and variety, giving every one, military and civilian alike, better and better products.

Hiking food for exotic destinations need to be able to have a descent shelf life when the temperatures rise. If your hiking where its 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as long as your hike doesn’t last for more than 22 months, your mre meal should be fine. If the temperature is around 90 degrees you can go hiking for over four years and your ready to eat mre will still be the healthy food you count on. Sarcasm aside, these meals have been designed by the finest brains in NASA, the military, nutritionists, material scientists (the packaging), disaster experts, and through the real world experience of millions of people. Call or email today and MRESTAR will help you and your business or organization with your questions. With 30 years in the Meals ready to eat industry and the experience of supplying governments, NGOs, national organizations, local clubs, and even air dropping MREs into natural disaster areas, MRESTAR will help you and your organization set up the plans and logistics that will get what you need immediately.

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